10 years jail for man who trapped girl via Internet

A Jordanian visitor who trapped a girl below 14 years of age using the Internet by pretending to be a girl and then had sex with her in her parent’s house threatening with publishing in appropriate pictures she supplied him, received ten years in jail by the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance.

ZGA, 36, who was found guilty of having forced sex with SJS, 14, exploiting the girl’s young age and her tendency to make online friendship, will be deported after serving his jail term.

When she gave him her inappropriate pictures, he threatened to show them to her father if she does not have sex with him.He is also accused of entering the girl’s house against her father’s will.

The victim, SJS, Emirati student, testified that a year ago she came to know ZGA who added her on the messenger after claiming that he is one of her school friends “Mimi”.

She accepted the add request as on the same day her friend ‘Mimi” told her that she got her e-mail ID from a friend and that she will add her to the list. He told her that her classmates are planning to trap her by putting porn CDs in her bag and asked her to send him her pictures in return for being given this tip-off.

So she sent the so-called “Mimi” some pictures of her wearing short dresses, some in wedding parties, and other normal pictures. The so-called Mimi had later expressed inability to help her.

SJS later realised that the one she is talking to was not her school friend “Mimi”. She confronted him and asked him to delete her pictures but he demanded sex from her and threatened to publishing her pictures and show them to her father if she did not meet his demand. He later demanded that she send him naked pictures of her. She accepted that and sent him pictures of her completely naked. She then asked him to delete the pictures and blocked him from the messenger.

Two months later, she logged in her email and found a letter from him threatening her with posting her pictures on the net and asked her for her house telephone number and to add him again on the messenger list .

One day while she was talking to him on the messenger, he asked her to guide him to her house claiming that he will delete the pictures in front of her. He arrived and she allowed him to enter the house through her room’s window. He sodomised her and left the house without deleting the pictures.

“I slept and when I woke up at six am, I took the a bottle which contained a liquid for removing nail polish and consumed it after mixing it with some water. I suffered chest pain and was rushed to my parent’s room. My mother called up the emergency and my dad asked me about the open window of my room. I told him that a man had jumped into my room and assaulted me. Later in the hospital I told my uncle the full story,” she testified.

Forensic reported sperms of the accused on the victim’s body and her bedsheet. Police confiscated pictures and videos of other girls aged between 14 to 23 on the accused’s computer. Apparerently, he follows the same modus operandi to trap them. The accused claimed he consensual sex with the girl and that he knew that she was a minor.
“She cannot pretend to be innocent now. She had sex with seven men before me,” ZGA told the court.

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