Illegal maid's garbage-chute escape ends in death

She plunged from 8th floor after trying to escape inspector for absconding

An Asian housemaid plunged to her death from the eighth level into the building’s chute in Abu Dhabi after she tried to escape inspectors coming to the apartment for a washing offence, mistaking them for immigration law enforcers.

After she heard the knocking on the door, the 28-year-old maid climbed out of the bathroom window, grabbed the sewage pipe and tried to climb down to the ground floor. But she lost her balance and plunged down to death into the chute.

The inspectors had asked the maid to open the door to hand her a fine for violating Municipality’s laws on hanging the wash on the balcony but she thought they were there to arrest her for absconding from her sponsor.

“This incident illustrates a permanent state of fear and anxiety suffered from the offenders of the immigration and labour laws…they just try to escape by any means even through this could cost them their lives,” said Colonel Rashid Mohammed Bursheed, director of the criminal investigation department.

Bursheed said preliminary investigation ruled out criminal act but it was not clear whether the maid was on her own in that apartment.

“We appeal for all people and establishments not to employ illegal migrants and to shut all doors that will encourage them to stay in the country illegally,” he said.


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