Lankan family friend smashes couple’s bedroom, chases wife

Four Arab men on street save Sri Lankan woman from attack

A Sri Lankan couple woke up at 5.30am to the sound of the door of their bedroom being smashed.

A man holding a wooden rod then rushed towards their bed, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

The attacker was a Sri Lankan family friend identified as PKD, 37.

He hit the husband VNS, 42, a driver, with the bar several times on his head and body. VNS sustained fractures in his arm while defending himself.

When the wife, AJ, 34, shouted at the attacker and asked him to leave her husband, he pulled out a knife.

“I tried to run away from the room, but he ran after me and pointed a knife at my neck and wounded me while warning me not to scream.

"I pushed him away and ran into the street. He chased me until some men stopped him and wrestled with him until the police came,” testified the victim.

His wife testified that the accused had arrived in the country ten days before the incident and had asked to share the house with the family.

“On June 30, 2011, the accused came with other two men and consumed alcohol with my husband. 

"At around 5am my husband and I went into the bedroom to sleep. Fifteen minutes later, I woke up to hear someone smashing our bedroom’s door."

"My husband ran away naked as his robe had dropped while defending himself. 

"He ran after him holding a knife he was hiding in his back. I ran after them and shouted for help. He caught my husband and wounded him. Four Arab men walking down the street caught the attacker,” she testified.

Police arrested the attacker who confessed to all the charges.

Forensic reported that the victim had sustained 10 per cent permanent disability.

The prosecution accused both PKD and VNS with assault and consuming alcohol. PKD was also accused of threatening to kill VNS and causing him 10 per cent permanent disability.

Records mentioned that the case was referred in PKD’s absence to the court without identifying the reason.

VNS confessed to accusations of assault and consuming alcohol.

The Court adjourned the case for verdict until October 16.

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