Sponsor rapes babysitter in front of daughters

A sponsor allegedly raped his Filipina babysitter under the influence of alcohol at night when she was asleep with his two small daughters in the room, the Dubai Criminal Court was told on Sunday.

The 26-year-old Iranian salesman, FMK, told the court that it was consensual sex with the babysitter and it was also not the first time.

The victim, RJM, 29, testified that on June 11, she went to sleep in her room with the two little daughters of the accused. The girls are one year and 4 years old.

“I locked the door from inside and went to sleep; my sponsor’s wife was sleeping in another room on the same floor. I suddenly heard knocking at the door. I was hesitant to open then I thought it could be my sponsor’s wife. When I opened the door, the accused, who looked drunk, pushed me to the mattress and raped me. I told him that I’m married and have children. I stayed in the room with the children until morning and waited my sponsor’s wife to leave the house so that I could run away to the consulate. The consulate took me to the police to report the crime,” she testified.

Police reported sperms of the accused on the body of the victim.

The Court will reconvene on December 24.



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