Crime file: Wife kills husband, chops body, dumps in bin

An Algerian woman allegedly slaughtered her husband, chopped his body, packed them in plastic bags and dumped them in garbage bin, reported Algerian newspaper.

The police was alerted by a street cleaner who identified human parts while clearing garbage in Tipaza City, 100 km from the Algerian capital.

Initial investigations revealed the 25-year-old man had no enemies nor threats. Later, on questioning his wife she seemed confused. This led the police to probe further and they discovered blood stains on her clothes.

It is alleged she showed no remorse.

The suspect has been referred to public prosecution. The reason for committing the crime is not disclosed.


Mother's boyfriend tortured son to death

The Cairo Misdemeanour Court remanded a woman and her boyfriend for 15 days after they were found guilty of torturing her son that allegedly resulted in his death.

The son had cigarette burn marks on his body and was beaten to death as reported in the Cairo-based Arabic newspaper 'Al Youm Al Sabea'a (youm7)'.

The child lived with his mother, NM, in her flat in Dar Esalaam area a suburb of Cairo after his parents were divorced.

The 36-year-old mother looked for company as she felt lonely and bored. She got involved in a physical relationship with a 37-year-old labourer. The labourer who works as a driver moved in with the woman six months ago.

Investigation revealed that the child, Badr, was tortured by his mother's boyfriend.

He allegedly punished the child for crying at night on not finding his mother beside him.

The boyfriend could not hide his aggression towards the child. He requested the mother to leave the boy with his father.

He started torturing of the child for trivial reasons, by inflicting the child with cigarette burns and beat him severely causing bruises.

On the day of the reported incident the mother returned back home early from work to find her child lying on a rug on the ground, unconscious.


Dealer burgles neighbouring shops to offset losses

An Indian clothes and home appliances dealer whose business had seen a big slump decided to take it on neighboring shops by burgling them for nearly two months before he was seized by the cops in Dubai.

The dealer, identified only as AB, had eluded the other traders and the police for all that time although he had pinched four large shops, loaded the loot in big trucks and sent them to neighboring Gulf countries.

Police said the man had stolen nearly Dh1.5 million worth of garments, blankets and home appliances before they managed to get him through the truck drivers.

“Neighbouring traders said they were shocked when they learned he was arrested and that he was behind the thefts on the grounds he appeared to be a nice man and had a good reputation,” Alittihad newspaper said, adding that the last theft of a shop in Qusais led police to the suspect.


Man robbed by thieves….and wife

A Kuwaiti man who was having a noon siesta was jolted out of bed by a gun pointing at him. He immediately knew it was a robbery but he got the shock of his life when he noticed one of the thieves was his own wife.

The unnamed man told police he was in bed when his wife and the other thieves stormed into his room and ordered him to hand over all his money.

“He said his wife and her friends robbed him because he was at odds with her but that he had not expected her to steal him,” Alanba daily said.

After handing them KD500 ($1,800), they snatched the key of his safe inside the bed room and stole nearly KD6,000 ($21,500) worth of jewelry as well as his passport.


Woman shot dead by brother in Saudi

A 36-year-old Saudi woman was killed when her brother, believed to be mentally ill, shot her in the chest, a newspaper reported on Monday.

The brother handed himself to the police just after he fired at his sister at their house in the northern province of Tabuk.

“Police believe the brother has psychological problems…they are investigating the incident,” Okaz daily said.

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