UAE warning against silicone breast implants

The Ministry of Health has warned against using the breast implants made of silicon and produced by Poly Prothese (PIP), a French manufacturing company. 

The medical and licensing department in the ministry of health issued a circular to all medical districts, public and private hospitals to avoid using the product or any silicone implants produced by the above mentioned company. 

It is noted that these implants have been withdrawn by the French Agency for the Safety of Health Products after receiving several reports about the damages and the silicone packages they contain. 

Dr. Amin Hussein Al Amiri, Assistant Undersecretary for Health Policies at the Ministry of Health, stated that the product has not been allowed to enter the UAE nor registered in the ministry of health. The UAE is the one of the first countries in the region to take strict procedures against any medical products since 2008 especially silicone implants noting that these products have a negative impact on the health of human beings. 

Al Amiri pointed out that the Ministry of Health accepted the registration of similar products which are produced by International British Certified Company based on its quality standards and certifications. Thus this certification abides the British company to ensure the sustainability of its products and provide the ministry with any variations from the registration quality standards. 

Al Amiri also emphasized that the ministry does not allow marketing these products unless they fulfill the international safety and quality conditions and receive the required approvals from the health authorities or assessment centers which are approved the European Union. All products must obtain the ISO certificates and carry the "CE" European marketing trade mark. 

"The Ministry of Health also abides all companies to abide by the safety rules and regulations of the UAE and provide healthcare specialists with regular safety reports and complaints. It is noted that the French Ministry of Health recommended surgeries for 30 thousand women who used the above mentioned silicone implants in their breasts as a precaution procedure", he concluded.

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