4 dead in 2 Emirates Road accidents; Parked car gets hit killing 3 inside

Second accident involves 3-car pile-up

Four people died and four others were severely injured in two separate traffic accidents in Dubai yesterday.

Three people died and two injured in a serious accident on the Emirates Road on Monday afternoon, Dubai Police said.

Police officials said a saloon car was parked on the roadside on Emirates Road after it broke down and all the five people were sitting inside the vehicle waiting for the roadside assistance. Then a four-wheel car, driven by a Sudanese, hit the parked car while driving by at a high speed, killing three people and seriously injuring two, police said.

Horrifying accident on Emirates road in Dubai, December 17, 2012. Photo by Ahmad Ardity

A second major accident took place only four hours later, taking the life of one Emirati driver, the Dubai Traffic Police told this website.

At 7.10pm three vehicles clashed on Dubai Bypass Road (north), likely due to the appearance of a jaywalker.

One vehicle was a Honda Accord, of which the driver died and the passenger is severely injured.

The driver of the second vehicle, a Toyota FJ, is severely injured. Slightly injured was the driver of the third vehicle, car type unknown.

All involved in the accident were Emirati.

In the first accident, police said the four-wheel driver crashed into the parked car as the driver lost control of his fast-speed vehicle. The vehicle crossed the yellow line and hit the parked saloon car. The saloon car was parked on the roadside due to a tyre problem, police said.

The accident happened today (Monday) afternoon at 3.10pm under the Al Warqa Interchange near Al Rashidiya Exit on Emirates Road.

The five people were from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran and Nepal. Among the dead two were Pakistanis and one Bangladeshi. The driver was said to be a Pakistani.The four-wheel driver has been arrested by the police.

Accident on Emirates road in Dubai, December 17, 2012. Photo by Ahmad Ardity

Meanwhile, Dubai Police said its Command and Control Center received 330 traffic accidents reports – six of them serious – from 6am to 1pm today due to the overnight rain.

Police have called on drivers to ensure that their cars’ windshields, glass windows and headlights are clean and check their vehicle before starting their journey.





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