Hiring 'freelancers' for odd jobs punishable: Abu Dhabi Police


The Abu Dhabi Police have warned residents against employing workers for all sorts of odd jobs, including household chores, if those workers are on someone else’s employment visa.

Most of these “independent freelancers” seek to earn extra money by offering to do work outside their regular work hours and the police statement warned that this is illegal.

The Abu Dhabi Police warned that the worker, those who employ them and the worker’s actual sponsor will all be held accountable under the law if caught.

Brigadier General Amir Al Muhairi, Deputy Director General of Police Operations at Abu Dhabi Police, said the police were acting on several complaints from the public about workers seeking extra work, especially in residential areas outside the city.

He said these freelancers offer their services to passers-by in the street by distributing cards bearing just a phone number.

He added that the Abu Dhabi Police would intensify its patrols to nab these workers.

Brigadier Al Muhairi appealed to the sponsors and members of the public to not seek such services as these people seeking extra work on the side congregate in gardens and public places and spoil the area, the ambience and the culture of the place.

Brigadier Al Muhairi also asked the public to report such workers, in order to eliminate this phenomenon.





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