Jaywalkers: Pay fine on spot or face 'arrest' says Dubai Police

A Dubai Police crackdown on jaywalkers will see police and traffic inspectors fine offenders on the spot.

Should the person not have the fine money – Dh 200 – with him or her on the spot, a trip to the nearest police station will be unavoidable.

Speaking to Emirates 24|7, Major General Mohammed Saif Al Zafeen, Director of the General Directorate of Traffic in Dubai, said, “When a person is caught jaywalking the officer on duty will ask for identification. Then, if that is in order, the person must pay the fine on the spot.”

“If the person does not have the money and cannot get it quickly to the site of the infringement, the person will have to accompany the officer to the nearest police station and wait there till the fine is paid,” Major General Zafeen said.

The crackdown on jaywalkers in Dubai is part of a larger campaign to ensure a zero mortality rate for pedestrians in the emirate.

According to the latest available statistics, 26,000 people have been fined for jaywalking between January and August 2012.

In an earlier statement to this website, Maj Gen Zafeen had said that the police are considering increasing the fines for those not using zebra crossings, overbridges and specific areas designated for pedestrians in Dubai. 

 “In the absence of bridges or traffic lights for pedestrian crossing, the traffic police do not fine pedestrians. But people need to know that crossing a road in these areas can endanger their lives,” Major General Zafeen said.

“The Dubai Traffic Department is currently preparing a study aimed to reducing the number of deaths resulting from pedestrians being run-over as part of the Dubai Traffic Management Strategy for 2020 which aims to bring the mortality rate of traffic accidents in Dubai to zero per 100,000 inhabitants,” Major General Zafeen said.

The study will look at increasing the fine on pedestrians not crossing the roads at designated areas.

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