On-air wedding embarrasses 'well-known' Dubai hotel

A well-known hotel in Dubai had to apologize to wedding guests after it mistakenly telecast the wedding live on all in-house TV screens at the hotel.

Relatives of the wedded couple had booked a hall at the hotel for the wedding and the contract included filming the party and showing it live inside the hall.

“But guests later noticed that the party is broadcast live on all screens inside the hotel because of an error in the computer system,” Emarat Alyoum daily said.


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Drunk flooded woman’s bedroom to get in

A 30-year old Indian man is accused of being drunk, allegedly attacking a woman in her home and threatening to kill her if she screaming for help.

RMM, is also accused of molesting AIM, 19, a Bangladeshi student.

The victim testified that on December 22, 2012 at around 12am she noticed water coming into her room.

“I opened the door to see where the water was coming from and all of a sudden RMM pushed me towards the bed. I started screaming and calling for help.

“He held my hand and hugged me forcibly. He groped my shoulder and told me he is drunk. I managed to free myself and rushed to my father who informed the police,” she testified.

First Corporal Jamal Abdulqader testified that following the complaint he rushed to the scene and saw the victim crying and bleeding from her mouth.

“She told me the accused threatened to kill her if the police were informed. ‘He molested me and asked me to teach his wife how she can have a baby’,” she told me.

The accused has admitted to forcibly entering the victim’s room and attacking her.

The Court will issue its sentence on March 27.

Storekeeper accused of stealing 38 barrels of alcohol

A storekeeper has been accused of stealing 38 barrels of alcohol from a hotel in Dubai.
The 42-year-old storekeeper, identified as BFM, is in court on charges of misusing his post to pilfer 38 barrels stored at the hotel’s branch at Airport Road.

The company’s manager, JAO, 42, Briton, testified that he saw the accused loading barrels from the hotel on a truck.

“I confronted him and he confessed to stealing about 38 barrels each valued at $100-150. So the police were informed,” he testified.
The accused claimed that the barrels were empty in his defence.

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