Three men used 10-year-old boy as 'sex slave' for two days

Three Indians allegedly sodomised a 10-year old student several times in two days and threatened to beat him up if he informed others, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

Chief Prosecutor Yusouf Fulath, asked the court to implement stiff penalty against the accused who are identified as AAA, 21, salesman, NAK, driver, 42, and MHS, hairdresser, 40.

The victim, MHS, testified that at around 5.45pm on March 26, when he got off from a bus to return home from a religious centre, AAA caught his arm and pulled him into a villa where no one lived. “He pulled down his trouser and mine also and asked me to please him. When I refused, he bent on his knees and sodomised me. He gave me Dh10 and asked me not to tell anyone or he would beat me up. I did not inform my father as I was scared of him.

“The next day, at around 2pm, MHS approached me and took me to the same villa and sodomised me. He also gave me Dh10. At around 6pm, AAA took me to the villa sodomised me and gave me 50 fils. After two hours NAK took me to his accommodation and sodomised me and gave me Dh10. When I was refused to grope their private parts, they groped mine.

“The next day I could not go to the religious class because I was tired. When my father asked me why I am not going, I told him what the workers of the shops next to our house did to me and he informed the police,” he testified.

The victim’s father MSA, 41, typist, testified that he received a call from the teacher in the religious centre telling him about his son who was absent for three days. “I looked for him and saw found him behind a supermarket. He had Dh70 with him. He told me that the workers in the shops in the building next to our house gave him the money after having sex with him,” he testified.

Corporal Osama Mohammed testified that the boy was very scared and crying when he guided police to the villa and the accommodation of one of the men who sodomised him. “There were underwear, tissue and a juice bottle in the old Arab style house. The accused were scared but they denied the accusation except for NAK who admitted taking the boy to his accommodation. However, he kept silent when asked about the reason for taking him there,” he testified.

Forensic reported sperms of AAA on the boy’s body. The DNA of NAK matched those on the juice bottle.
The court adjourned the case to June 19 for verdict.



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