UAE mobile subscribers will have to re-register SIM after visa renewal

Telecom operators working on providing different options for subsequent registrations

UAE mobile subscribers will have re-register their SIM cards whenever they renew or change visas, Emirates 24|7 can reveal.

“This is a directive by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) and so our subscribers will have submit their new documents whenever they renew or change their visas,” said Yasser Al Yousuf, Director - Premium Personal Market, du.

“For the first re-registration our subscribers have to personally visit our counters, but we are working on providing different options for subsequent registrations and online will be one of them.”

Over three million of du mobile subscribers have re-registered under ‘My Number, My Identity’ campaign, Al Yousuf said, adding remaining users will be divided into five to six more batches.
On Wednesday, Majid Al Mesmar, Deputy Director General of TRA, told this website that there would be no further extension for du and etisalat mobile subscribers under the campaign.

“The deadline is January 16th (today) and there will be no extension,” he said.

For now it is only for subscribers of the two telecoms operators, who have been sent the SMS to re-register. Deactivation of the numbers will commence for du only after three months for the first and second batch, while it is not known what action will etisalat subscribers face.

In October, TRA extended the deadline for the re-registration of mobile subscribers under after the two UAE telecoms operators were unable to provide smooth mechanisms to facilitate, accelerate and stimulate subscribers to update their data.


Non-registered mobile SIM users can receive calls

No extension for SIM re-registration: TRA


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