Man passes away at the wheel of his car in morning Dubai traffic

A man was found unconscious at the wheel of a white Kia sedan this morning by Emirates 24|7.

As this reporter was driving to work this morning, she spotted the car on the median on the street that links the Beirut Street to the Airport tunnel, and despite repeated headlight flashes and honks by other drivers, the car did not move.

While other drivers manoeuvred and overtook the car and went off with their commute, this reporter stopped to check what was wrong and was shocked to find the man unconscious at the wheel of the car.

He had his head leaning against the driver’s seat, but he was not responding at all. Immediately, we called 999 and reported the emergency to Dubai Police, who were on the scene within a matter of minutes.

The ambulance followed in the next couple of minutes to take him to a hospital. But when the paramedics checked his pulse, they realised that he had passed away. One of the paramedics on duty said they suspected a cardiac arrest.


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