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Babysitters sexually assault 3 babies

US: Three babysitters are in jail in St. Charles County for one of the most horrific cases of child sex abuse authorities say they’ve seen in years.
Warrants were issued for Rebecca Sue Russell, John Scott Thomas III, and Billy Joe Bunch Jr.
Lt. Craig McGuire of the St. Charles County Sheriff’s Department said the three regularly babysat for the victims ages 7 months, 3 years and 5-years old.

According to court documents, the suspects sexually assaulted all three children between April and May.
The alleged abuse took place at a home near O’Fallon.
Russell and Thomas allegedly participated in the sexual assault of the 7 month old.

Neighbours are disgusted saying they always saw lots of activity at the homes. We also tried to talk to two men who allegedly lived in both homes but they didn’t have much to say. Parents like Amanda Milburn were shocked saying there are lots of kids in the area.
“I don’t even want to live here anymore because that’s not okay. I didn’t know any of that was going on. All I know is I’ve seen police down here and up the street. I didn’t feel it was suitable for my kids to be here so I sent my kids to my mom’s house,” said Milburn.
“I was horrified. It was right behind me. She lived right behind me and I had no idea that anything was going on. They never talked to nobody they never. You see kids in and out once in a while but not a whole lot,” said St. Charles mom Michelle Frazer.
Russell, Thomas and Bunch are currently being held at the St. Charles County Department of Corrections on a $200,000 bond each. The case has been referred to the prosecutor’s office for warrants and additional charges. Police say the investigation is ongoing.

Kuwaiti goes ‘psycho’ over love rejection

A heart-broken Kuwaiti lover decided to take revenge from his co-worker for rejecting him and in vengeance he asked a mentally-challenged individual to send her lovey-dovey text messages.

According to Al Rai daily the frustrated man wooed the challenged man by telling him that the woman was in love with him and he should send her some loving messages.

The innocent man was questioned when the woman filed a complaint with the police.

They discovered that the sender was undergoing treatment at a psychiatric hospital due to psychological problems.

The main culprit was soon arrested but released after apologising to the woman.

Omani woman puts Egyptian in jail over ‘compliments’ 

An attention-seeker tried to attract his Omani neighbour and then offended her after a failed attempt, Al Rai reported.

When the lady was stepping out of her apartment, her neighbour tried to flatter her.

His love soon turned into anger as she ignored his compliments.

The Egyptian then offended her saying, “You are lucky to be wooed by someone like me.”

Police have arrested the man on grounds of misconduct.


Teen beats mother, threatens to kill her 

Attempting to save herself a desperate Kuwaiti mother cried for help when her 14-year old son attacked her with a baton.

According to Al Watan she managed to contact the Operations Department of the Interior Ministry and informed them about her son’s blatant attacks. She also claimed that he threatened to stab her with a knife.

When the police entered the house, the teenager was seen holding a knife. He was arrested immediately and will be referred to the Juvenile prosecution.

The mother submitted medical reports to substantiate her claims.

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