Bride drowns posing for pics near river

Wedding dress gets wet drags her under

A bride posing for photographs in her wedding gown has drowned after her dress got wet and dragged her into a river near a 'violently' rushing waterfall in Canada.

The woman yelled 'I'm slipping, I'm slipping, I'm slipping,' before falling off the rock she was perched on for her wedding pictures, according to CBC.

The 30-year-old, who has not been named because police haven't notified all of her family, was standing on a rock when she slipped and fell into the Ouareau River near Dorwin Falls, north of Montreal.

Her body was found several hours later, around 6pm.

Quebec provincial police spokesman Sgt. Ronald McInnis described the site as being elevated and rocky, with water 'violently' rushing below.

Reverend celebrates nudity

Reverend Bob Horrocks, 55, is a naturist who celebrates nudity.

He discovered naturism after straying on to a nudist beach while on a holiday on the Canary Island six years ago.

According to a Daily Mail report, the vicar of Seven Saints, Bolton, says he researched the Bible "and there is nothing condemning simple nakedness".

He enjoys naturism mostly on holidays as the English climate does not augur too well to it.

He posed nude for a Channel 4 documentary titled "Is it a sin to bare our flesh?"

Pics of the morning after the wedding 

Newly weds are not satisfied by pictures taken on their big day. The latest fad is the morning-after-the-wedding album.

Increasingly couple are inviting photographers to capture intimate moments of the couple's first morning as man and wife, reports Daily Mail.

The owner of a Detroit-based company that shoots morning-after-the wedding albums says she aims "to capture the newlywed bliss and not raunchy sex scenes".

She feels the glamourous images of couples should not be restricted to celebrities.

Some couples are so delighted with the moods captured that they have posetd them on Facebook and have decided to show them to their kids when they grow up. "It's artistic and not pornography," says one. 

Family keeps 17-ft-long python as pet

A 16-year-old girl from Cambridgeshire has a friend in a 17-foot long python.

The Rice family proudly shows off their huge pet beast that lives both in their house and outdoors. the teenager says, the snake named Lily is far more easier and much less trouble to keep than their two dogs.

Daily Mail reports that the family has been keeping snakes for the last 25 years.

They have built a ten-foot long and six-foot wide heated tank for Lily, who is seven years old, to sleep inside.

She eats one rabbit every three weeks and sleeps  most of the time, says the family.


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