Teenager attempts to rape teacher

Horrific incident took place in classroom

US: A central California teen has been sentenced to two years in state custody for the attempted rape of a teacher at a Fresno elementary school.
The Fresno Bee reports that the teen was sentenced Wednesday for his attack on a teacher at McKinley Elementary School last November.
The 17-year-old, who was charged as an adult, pleaded no contest to assault with intent to commit felony rape and sexual battery by restraint.
Prosecutors say the boy attacked the teacher on a Sunday while she was preparing for the week ahead in her classroom.
The teen will serve time in the California Youth Authority before finishing his sentence in state prison.
His lawyer, Manuel Nieto, says the teen will likely be deported to his native Philippines after serving his sentence. (AP)

Murderer barges into home, rapes woman for 12 hours

BRITAIN: A 42-year-old murder convict broke into a woman's home in Bristol and forced her to endure an ordeal for 12 hours. The murderer raped the woman and stabbed her during those horrifying hours.

The 39-year-old woman's house was broken into by the man as she had surned his advances in a bar earlier. He tied her to the bed and repeatedly raped her at knifepoint, reports Daily Mail.

The man even took breaks in between raping her. He made tea for himself and hummed nursery rhymes under his breath.

The man tortured the woman with a knife, gagged her and even stabbed her in the legs, said the daily.

The woman was so traumatised after the ordeal that she had to seek psychiatric treatment. She got into the habit of harming herself she sometimes cut herself with a knife over the wounds that the man had inflicted on her. She claims she did it to prove that she had control over her body.

She changed her appearance so that the man would not recognise her if he ever decided to come back and sexually attack her again.

Wife sells herself to pay hubby's debts

SINGAPORE: A woman has been forced to prostitue herself in order to pay her husband's debts.

According to the article in Asia One, a lot of China-born women look to marry Singaporean men to have a stable marriage, get out of poverty and enjoy a comfortable home.

However, it's not 'happy ever after' for every Chinese women.

Chinese national Madam Chen Liwen, 27, has been miserable ever since she married a Singaporean six years ago. Her husband's debts have reduced her to enter the flesh trade as she felt she had no other option.

She narrates the story of another Chinese woman who was depressed as her husband was a drug addict. She killed her husband and herself by burning charcoal in their room. The couple died of carbon monoxide poisoning.

However, Chen Liwen does not see suicide or murder as an option. She does not want to spare her husband with an easy way out, she tells the website.

Woman raped in mental hospital

INDIA: In a horrific incident that has come to light, a 39-year-old patient was raped by an employee in a mental hospital in the Indian city of Kolkata.

Two nurses found the patient in a disrobed condition in the wash room. The patient was distraught and in trauma, reports Times News Network.

Even as the nurses rished towards the woman, the rapist escaped.

Upon calming the aptient down, the nurses found out that the woman had been sexually abused by one of their colleagues.

The management of the hospital filed a police complaint against the employee who was later arrested.

The patient underwent medical examination and probe is on.

The doctors claim that their patient had recovered quite a lot but the trauma from sexual abuse was amajor setback that the woman would find difficult to overcome.

1.8 kg hair removed from girl's stomach

INDIA: A 19-year-old girl who suffered from acute pain in her stomach went through surgery and doctors were shocked to discover a heavy chunk of hair wrapped around a stone kind of substance had obstructed her intestine.

The 1.8kg of hair and hardened chalk was successfully removed from her stomach by the medical team in Indore, reports Press Trust of India.

Apparently, the girl had gotten into a habit of eating her hair and chalk in the classroom and that had led to obstruction of the intestine and she could not eat or drink for a few days and suffered intensive pain in her tummy.

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Teen attempts to rape teacher


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