Top firms hiring in the UAE

Need a job, a better pay package or maybe just a job or career change? Check out this list of five reputed companies in the UAE. Not only do they boast of remarkable sales and earnings growth, but they are also popular employers and many candidates wish to work under their umbrella.

Job website has the following companies listed on its newsletter as top employers currently hiring.

Emirates Airline & Group

It is definitely one of the success stories of Dubai. Witnessing growth each year, Emirates Airlines is only expanding its operations and with it the number of people that work for the brand.

The pay packages they say are quite competitive. For example, First Officers with Emirates Airlines can expect both cash and non-cash elements as part of their package.

The cash element for a Captain includes a monthly salary of Dh41,240 (basic salary plus hourly flying pay based on 85 block hours per month), whereas, the First Officer is estimated to take a monthly salary of Dh29,145 (basic salary plus hourly flying pay based on 85 block hours per month).

For possible salaries on offer click here:

Emaar Properties

Dubai’s prestigious realty developer Emaar is looking to hire across its various departments.

The company is looking for people in different categories right from directors to managers and executives in departments like recruitment, digital marketing, environment & safety, marketing and others.

Having employees of more than 82 nationalities, the company aims to create a workforce of career-driven and committed individuals, who work together to achieve impressive milestones.

“We seek passionate, enthusiastic, energetic, flexible team players who will enjoy the excitement and challenges of working for a successful and rapidly growing global organisation. As a customer focused company, we also look for people with a passion for delivering excellent customer service to our valued customers,” a company statement reads.

The company does not provide the salary levels and there is no reliable data on salaries available. Various website have limited information on what employees can be paid at the developer but it varies greatly.

According to the website - the salary of a Emaar property development managers can be $101,000 (Dh370,983) annually. The average salary at Emaar Properties as per the website is $94,000 (Dh345,271) annually.

However, according to another website - – the average salary for Emaar jobs is $41,000 (Dh150,597) per annum.

“Average Emaar salaries can vary greatly due to company, location, industry, experience and benefits. This salary was calculated using the average salary for all jobs with the term ‘Emaar’ anywhere in the job listing,” reads the website.

Emaar had launched many new projects this year. The company recorded first-half 2013 (January to June) a net profit of Dh1.231 billion ($ 335 million) similar to the first-half 2012 net profit of Dh1.220bn ($ 332m).

Dubai Islamic Bank

Dubai Islamic Bank claims to have earned the reputation of Employer of Choice by fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment that offers outstanding prospects for all its employees.

“Our core objective is to support our staff in growing with the company and achieving the optimum level in terms of performance.

"We offer a range of programmes that provide for continual career development and give opportunities to our employees for further professional advancement. With our progressive talent management approach we are continuously creating exciting career plans for our employees to achieve,” says the bank.

Salaries and pay packages are not made available but if you are seeking a successful career in Islamic Banking, Dubai Islamic Bank welcomes all interested candidates to write to them.


Etisalat’s career options range from business management and operations to high technology to support and service. “If you're interested in this industry and are looking for a stimulating and rewarding career, we encourage you to contact us about employment opportunities,” says the website.

Etisalat is the largest operator in the Middle East and Africa regions with a market value in excess of Dh80 billion (US$20 billion) and annual revenues of approximately Dh30 billion ($8bn).

Online Etisalat employer reviews show that the company has decent scores to its credit. It scores fairly well in areas such as salary/benefits, management and job security/advancement.


This company made it on the top of the ‘2013 Top Companies to Work for in the UAE’, which was released by Great Place to Work Institute. While Microsoft has a business focused culture, it also works to create a sense of work/life balance.

To that end, it introduced across multiple teams & businesses within Gulf the idea of having a visible Work-Life Balance Charter that the whole team prepares and signs together. This sets the principles that the team feels would assist in raising awareness of some of the key issues impacting an individual’s work/life balance.

“You have unique experiences, skills and passions—and we believe you can bring them all to Microsoft for a rich, rewarding career and lifestyle that will surprise you with its breadth and potential. Just imagine the excitement and satisfaction of what you can do, where you can go, and the difference you can make with the resources of Microsoft behind you,” the website says.

The company is looking for candidates in education devices and services; development solutions sales, MCC services controller jobs, architects, project managers, account executives among many others.

Official data on salaries is not available but job listings show that a marketing manager can get a salary of £40,000 (Dh237,651) - £60,000 (Dh356,476) per annum plus benefits and a regional manager can get £70,000 (Dh415,889) per annum plus benefits.

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