Marketing guerillas all set to share trade tactics

Jay Conrad Levinson.


In a Middle East first, a two-day marketing and sales seminar titled "Guerilla Attack – the New Revolution in Marketing", is to be hosted at the Dubai Media City as part of its newly launched Guru Talk initiative.

Jay Conrad Levinsonn (pictured above), the world's foremost expert on guerilla marketing, will be the keynote speaker on Wednesday, with Steve Savage "the original guerilla" leading participants through the key principles of guerilla selling on Thursday.

The event will be held at the Dubai Knowledge Village Conference Centre.

Increased competition, a challenging economy and fast changing markets demand unconventional weapons and tactics.

To survive, a guerilla must have a different outlook and apply different principles than a big corporation does to succeed in the market .

With limited resources they must learn to make every marketing dollar do the work of two, or five or ten. "Guerilla Marketing" challenges the conventional economic wisdom that businesses need big budgets to implement a successful marketing strategy.

Jay Conrad Levinson is globally recognised as the "father of the worldwide guerilla marketing revolution" and is author of the landmark Guerilla Marketing book, first published in 1983 and now available in 41 languages with more than 14 million copies sold worldwide. Jay is considered a pioneer with his innovative, take-no-prisoners approach to marketing for small and medium-size business owners. With many university MBA programmes offering Guerilla Marketing as a subject, the seminar will provide a unique opportunity to hear Jay explain the key differences between guerilla marketing and the traditional form of marketing.

Steve Savage is one of the original guerilla marketers mentioned in Jay Conrad Levinson's famous book Guerilla Marketing, in which he was described by Jay as "the greatest and gutsiest guerilla experimenter I know who is willing to take the risks that must be faced high on the ladder to the top where he is now perched". With 30 dramatic years in business, Savage is known to deliver powerful and down-to-earth messages on guerilla sales tactics.

He will share anecdotes with participants on how he and two partners took a firm from zero to $60 million (Dh220m) in six years. He will provide insights into techniques for starting and building a business.

"Guerilla Attack – the new Revolution in Marketing" is the inaugural seminar in Dubai Media City's "Guru Talk" initiative, a learning programme for corporate bodies and individual enterprises featuring insightful workshops where many world-renowned experts from relevant industry verticals will share their "guru mantras" evolved over years of actual practice.

The initiative that will further reinforce the region's premier media cluster as an industry platform developer and thought leader is aimed at organisations based in Dubai, the UAE and the extended GCC market.

For those interested in participating in 'Guerilla Attack – the new Revolution in Marketing', online registrations are available through