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Etihad Airways to increase ticket prices

Unable to combat escalating fuel prices, Etihad Airways will raise ticket prices by the way of a higher fuel surcharge in June, a senior executive said.

"We have already increased our fuel surcharge three times since November last year. And now we will increase it further as of June as the fuel prices are hitting the roof. However, I cannot tell you just yet by how much we will raise it. It will depend on where we are now besides our route network. It will be on all the routes out of the UAE," Geert W Boven, Etihad's Executive Vice-President for sales and services, told Emirates Business.

"We will have to further increase our fuel surcharge and pass the cost to the market. Obviously, you cannot fly below the cost price. We are also taking this step – increasing fuel surcharge – in line with other airlines across the world," he added.

The airline, which is one-third hedged on fuel, has an active hedging programme in place and is already hedged for certain parts of 2009, according to Boven.