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Enpark unveils eco-development masterplan


The Energy and Environment Park (Enpark), a member of Tecom Investments, yesterday unveiled key components of its master plan, combining environmental, social and economical elements to create a model reflecting Dubai's benchmark for sustainable development.

Launched in June 2007, Enpark seeks to provide an enabling platform for sustainable business operations through the integration of eco-friendly policies, standards, education programmes, and technologies.

With a gross floor area of approximately 10 million square feet, to host a population of 43,000 including 6,000 residents, Enpark's infrastructure design will be finalised by the year-end. The first phase of the eco project is scheduled for completion by 2010.

Ali bin Towaih, Executive Director of Enpark, said: "As a commercial venture that is set to significantly reduce the ecological footprint, Enpark aims to demonstrate that it is possible to have lower overall lifecycle costs and increased energy savings by adopting a sustainable culture, while assuring a high return on investment for business partners and investors.

"We have been able to attract major companies to Enpark solely on the strength of our certified team of professionals, who have successfully highlighted the economic viability of the free zone. Details of our partners and new developments will be announced in the near future."

Enpark is currently working with a group of leading energy and environment companies to ensure the endorsement of best practices and policies across all elements in the design and construction of the park.

Conforming to Leed certification guidelines, Enpark will consist of several key components.

The commercial zone will include green office spaces, retail and boutique manufacturing facilities as well as showrooms for energy saving technologies.

It will also house energy efficient residential units as well as a 'green' hotel and conference areas.

The residential area will offer several real estate options, endorsing sustainable community living.

As part of its infrastructure, Enpark will utilise water treatment technologies in its water reuse facilities. It will also include waste management units and provide clean and efficient transportation amenities.