Tyrese Gibson undergoes 3-hour surgery

Photo: Instagram

Tyrese Gibson is in hospital recovering after going under the knife for three hours, and he has thanked his "amazing" wife and daughter for their support.

The 'Fate of the Furious' actor went under the knife on Monday for unspecified reasons, and he has thanked his "amazing" wife Samantha and daughter Shayla, nine - who he shares with ex-wife Norma - for being there for him, and God for getting him through the operation.

In a caption attached to a picture of his daughter embracing him on his hospital bed, he wrote: "By my side........ My Amazing wife and Daughter has been by my side every step of the way.... When it comes down to the real stuff no one is ever there but family...... Father God I thank you for your extended grace and mercy 3 hour surgery I made it through.......... (sic)"

Tyrese underwent his op when a total solar eclipse took place in the US for the first time in nearly a century, and he believes there could be some significance in his surgery happening at the same time.

He added: "I was in the middle of my procedure during the eclipse, I hope one day I figure out exactly what that meant..... I appreciate your prayers and energy, God has a way of sometimes forcing us to slow down.... When I get up? I feel like I'm about to change the world........ #PrayerWarriors I feel your love...... thank you! #MyLastPost #RecoveryMode (sic)"

Tyrese wed for a second time in February when he married Samantha, but he has since called on people to do their "research" before they tie the knot.

He said: "Listen it's a good space to be [in].

"It's good, I like it. I would say everybody - guys, everybody - ultimately that wants to be married and start a family, take your time.

"The concept is nice, most of us don't know what the true idea, the concept is most of us are raised with single parents ... It's not something to rush into.

"Getting a ring is cool but you've got to really understand what you're doing, do lot of research, ask a million questions. Just take your time."