Man accidentally flies to Las Vegas instead of Stansted

Pic: Bang

A finance broker boarded the wrong plane at Cologne, in Germany, and ended up in Las Vegas rather than Stansted.

Samuel Jankowsky, 29, had his boarding pass checked three times by airline staff in Cologne, Germany, but after falling asleep for an hour, the finance broker realised he was travelling in the wrong direction when he saw the plane had flown over the UK, the Sun has reported.

Once the father-of-two realised the error he frantically messaged his pregnant wife using the on-board wifi to alert her of the issue before he landed 8,500 miles away from his destination on June 30.

Samuel has claimed he was treated like a common criminal by the immigration officials in the US because of the blunder.

Samuel had to fly back to Cologne, but because he was banned by Eurowings he was forced to travel to Stuttgart for a flight home.

Samuel arrived at Stansted on July 2, which was two days later than his intended date.