Duo caught in repeated attempt

They stole and sold one cycle; Returned to the spot a month later

Two Pakistani workers who allegedly stole a bicycle, locked at a Metro station, were arrested in the same area after about a month, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.
On April 9, at around 10am, AM, 37, Filipino, parked his cycle at Emirates Tower Metro station on Sheikh Zayed Road and locked it before leaving the place.
“After five hours, I returned and did not find the cycle so I lodged a complaint with police,” AM said.
Police reviewed CCTV footage and identified the two men.
“One of them was seen breaking the lock while the other one was observing the area. On May 18, at around 4pm we spotted the two standing near the cycle stand, “testified First Corporal Abdullah Ghloum.
Policemen approached the two and arrested them.
A small steal scissors was found with the accused.
MH, 43, admitted to stealing a cycle a month earlier with the help of MA, whose role was to observe the place.
The two admitted to selling the cycle for Dh150.
MH confessed to the crime in court. MA, who was on bail, did not attend the hearing.
Case is adjourned until August 15.

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