Imam gropes eight-year-old boy

A Bangladeshi imam of a mosque, who holds a cook’s visa, allegedly groped an eight-year-old boy during a Holy Quran teaching class, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

The father of the victim, 41-year-old Pakistani OF, met the accused MI, 34, through a friend. When he learnt that MI is teaching the Holy Quran, he asked him to teach his five and eight year old sons three days a week. MI did so for three months and he was coming regularly to the family’s flat in Al Qusais area.

The children’s mother used to occasionally enter the hall where MI used to teach her sons, especially when the father was at work.

On December 20, and after MI left the house after teaching the sons for an hour, the eight-year-old boy told his father that the teacher had groped his private parts. When he asked his son whether this was the first time, the little boy told his father that the teacher did so several times.  The father lodged a complaint to the police.

Police arrested the accused and confronting him with the allegations; he said he taught the Holy Quran to the boys in their house but denied groping the boy.

The court will give its verdict on March 31.

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