Teacher molests student on the first day in class

Dubai Court orders Palestinian tutor six months jail and deportation

A 45-year-old Palestinian tutor molested a 15-year-old student on the first day of her class with him.

The tutor, KYK, was found guilty by the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance on Sunday and was awarded six months jail followed by deportation.

The 15-year-old victim, AAG, Emirati, testified that on May 19 she went with his mother to an educational institute in Hor Al Anz to take mathematics and physics classes.

She took physics class with one of the teacher till 7.30pm. Then she went with the director to the next room for mathematics class where KYK was waiting for them. The director left the room after introducing her to KYK.

“He asked my name and then started flattering me saying ‘You’re are a princess’. Then he explained some issues related to the syllabus and the exam but he continued gazing. After that he gave me some questions to work on and during this course he tried to touch my hand. I got scared and pulled my hand back. Then all of a sudden he touched my cheek and molested me. But I pulled myself back. Then he attempted to molest me again he was using improper language and vulgar gestures. I told him you are a bad man and rushed out of the room. I went to the car where my mother and younger sister were waiting. I was crying and my mom asked me about the reason. She thought it was because of the tough time I had in learning my subjects.

“When reached home I told my elder sister what had happened. My mom overheard our conversation and told my father who reported it to the police,” she testified.

The victim said that she was confused and scared since she never experienced or witnessed such harassment.

Her father, 41, sergeant in the Armed Forces, testified that when his wife told him about what she heard from their daughters, he immediately called the police. He took his daughter to the institute and all the way she was covering her face with her hands and crying. “I did not ask her about the details but she told me that a teacher had kissed her while taking the math class,” he testified.

“I was very angry and when I arrived at the institute it was closed.”

Police arrested the teacher and the victim recognised him during the identification parade. But he denied molesting the girl and claimed that he got sexually active when she touched his hand.  He also alleged that he did not want to disclose what she did fearing that her father may hurt her. He alleged that she shared her Facebook account.

The prosecution noted that the accused is married but his wife is overseas. He confessed to leaving the room twice, confirming the testimony of the victim.

The victim asked interrogators to bring face to face with her when she came to know that he had denied the accusation.

The accused later confessed to touching the victim’s hand and gazing at her.

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