Taqa to be member of MIT industrial programme


Abu Dhabi National Energy Company (Taqa) has signed a letter of agreement with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to become a member of the Industrial Liaison Programme (ILP).

Under the agreement, lasting at least two years, experts from Taqa and faculty members from MIT will explore Taqa's interests, needs and objectives as they relate to cutting-edge technology, Taqa said yesterday.

"The objective is to identify reliable and environmentally sustainable technology solutions that could benefit Taqa's business and the global communities in which the company provides energy to," said Taqa, a listed firm on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange.

"As a member of the ILP, Taqa will explore potential key work streams in renewables, energy efficiency, climate change, hydrogen, carbon sequestration, enhanced oil recovery, gas storage and LNG."

Taqa's Chief Executive Officer Peter Barker-Homek said the company's objectives include a desire to improve its common future and protect the environment.

"The average person in a developed country uses nine times as much fossil fuel and 20 times as much aluminium as his or her counterpart in developing countries. In terms of waste, the average person produces four times as much household refuse, 11 times more carbon dioxide, 26 times more chlorofluorocarbons, and 75 times more hazardous wastes," he said.

"For example, average Americans use 43 times as much petrol as average Indians, 45 times as much copper, and 34 times as much aluminium."