Sanjay Dutt takes on the mighty Naseeruddin

Sanjay Dutt is ready to take on Naseeruddin Shah. Dutt has not been acknowledged as a good actor, not just because of his limited abilities, but also because of his erratic behavior, and now he has a tough competition in the form of Naseeruddin Shah.

Dutt’s next release will be his old outdated film 'Chatur Singh - Two Star' which pairs Ameesha Patel opposite him. This could be a big break for Ameesha, but then Naseeruddin Shah may not make life easy for her and Sanju.

The Naseer film 'The Blueberry Hunt' releases bang opposite 'Chatur Singh - Two Star' in mid August. With Sanjay not promoting his film well  and with Naseer giving a performance of his lifetime in the film 'The Blueberry Hunt', cinefans surely are going to have a tough time deciding who to watch. 

We place our bets on Naseer to hunt down Sanju!


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