700gram infant survives heart operation in Dubai

A premature infant, weighing just 700grams, had a successful heart operation at Welcare Hospital in Dubai.

Born 13 weeks premature, the little girl underwent an hour-long operation to staple a life-support blood vessel in her heart, reported 'Gulf News'.

Usually the blood vessel - Ductus Areteriosus, the lifeline of the foetus while in the womb - closes after birth. If no corrective action is taken to close it, the condition may lead to congestive heart failure in the future. Since the baby is so tiny, the organs inside were even tinier and the surgeon used a staple-like piece of equipment to close the vessel, the daily said.

The baby is now doing fine and should be discharged after about six weeks, said Dr Khalil Ur-Rahman, consultant neonatologist. He added  that she is the first baby in the UAE to be operated on in her crib. 

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