DM urges to separate solid items from public waste

Waste Management Department of Dubai Municipality has recently issued a circular regarding the separation of solid materials from public waste to all industrial establishments, shopping centres, facilities and commercial towers in Dubai.

The move comes as part of Municipality's commitment towards a healthy and safe environment, and the effort to improve the current waste management systems to achieve sustainable management of waste, keeping pace with the rapid development.

Abdul Majeed Sefai, Director of Waste Management Department, said the policy of clean production, separation of solid waste and its re-use are important in reducing waste and pollution. The waste sorting programmes in production sites and its recycling have a significant impact in reducing the amount of general waste transferred to the disposal sites.

Municipality is seeking to achieve the strategic direction No 3 to ensure a clean environment and sustainable development in the Emirate of Dubai. Hence, Waste Management Department calls upon all industrial facilities, shopping centres, and commercial towers in Dubai to separate general waste in their sites and production sources.

Materials to be separated from other waste are plastic, metal cans, glass, paper and wood. Waste containers should be according to the specifications approved by the technical guidance No 5. Related parties can deal with any company licensed by the Municipality as included in the Bulletin of June 2011. It also requires monthly reports on quantity and quality of sorted waste.

The circular will be applicable from Sept 4th, 2011.

The municipality has warned that non-compliance with mentioned directives in this circular may lead to the imposition of penalties as well as legal and administrative procedures, based on Local Order 11 of 2003.

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