Former UAE footballer sentenced to death

Former Emirati football player Fayez Juma has been sentenced to death for premeditated murder of his compatriot.

The Abu Dhabi Supreme Court Tuesday delivered the capital punishment verdict to Jumaa for intentionally killing, along others, their compatriot following a scuffle in a parking lot in Sharjah, reported 'Gulf News'.

The court overturned a ruling from Sharjah Appeals Court that sentenced Juma to a year in jail.

Another player for Sharjah, Mohammed Najib, and Juma's brother, Moses, were also sentenced to death, reported AP.

Fayez Juma played for Sharjah and for the national team more than four years ago.

The defendants were charged with preplanning and plotting the intentional murder. They brought sharp tools, including swords and knives, and stabbed the victim to death, heard the court.

Tuesday's verdict is irrevocable. A capital punishment is carried out following a ruler’s endorsement, unless otherwise, according to 'Gulf News'.

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