115 heroin capsules in stomach

Kuwaiti airport customs authorities seized an Afghan man who tried to smuggle 115 heroin capsules into the oil-rich Gulf country by concealing them inside his stomach, a local newspaper reported on Sunday.
The capsules contained around 1,250 gm of heroin and all of them were recovered at hospital in Kuwait City, Alwatan Arabic language daily said.
The unnamed Afghan was immediately stopped when he arrived at the airport from Kabul through another country in the region following a tip-off that a well known narcotic smuggler will enter Kuwait with heroin inside his stomach.
“He later confessed that it took him nearly six hours to swallow the capsules at home after receiving the drugs from a local gang,” the paper said.
“He told police that the gang instructed him not to have any food on his way to Kuwait……..he said he pretended that he was eating aboard the aircraft so he will not raise suspicions and that he hid the food inside a plastic bag which he disposed of in the toilet.”
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