Why is Sonakshi Sinha angry?

After her film ‘Akira’ has failed to turn on the turnstiles, Sonakshi Sinha is angry. But then the anger has nothing to do with the box office collections of her AR Murugadoss directed film.

Sonakshi who played the lead in the woman oriented film is not happy with a few things women and about where her money disappears.

“Girls are always told not to wear short dresses else, they guys will start chasing her.  Well, such a thing never happens in many countries. Then why here? Because the problem is not in the short clothes, but at the minds of those looking at her. That needs to change,” she asserts.

Sonakshi will soon be seen as a RAW agent in the upcoming film ‘Force 2’ with John Abraham, where in her introductory scene with John, she admonishes him for thinking that she was a man when he heard about a RAW agent meeting him.

“See, if a girl comes home late, she is told all sorts of things, but a man is never told so. A girl coming home late is said to be of loose character. There is no logic to all this,” she adds.

Sonakshi who normally prefers to roam around in her tees and jeans is also upset about why girls are told to be careful about everything including their clothes and appearance. “It is not fair when you tell a girl to dress up and go else she will not get a good alliance. It is also not fair to tell her that she has put on weight and hence she won’t get married easily. On the other hand, you have male CEOS of many companies who have a pot belly and no one tells them anything about their protruding stomachs,” she says angrily.

And there are a lot more things that make her angry. Here is the count. “I am angry when I pay a huge amount of tax and I do not know what has happened to it and where has it disappeared. There are roads filled with potholes. There is no concept of cleanliness and civic sense in many people and the city is not clean. But then I do get angry when women are not treated properly. I do use my clout as an actress and a public figure to raise my voice against this. I will keep doing so as much as I can,” she says.