60 pupils held in school lab for not paying fees

More than 60 students of a private school in Ras Al Khaimah were illegally locked up in laboratory and library for failing to pay fees, said the guardians of kids.

'Gulf Today' quoted a parents of a Grade 4 student as saying that his son was 'taken from his class until end of the school day and held in the laboratory room unlawfully'. The parent claims to have paid one premium early this week. He did not pay the rest 'due to an error in the technical procedures of the school. The accountant of the school imposed on me charges of the services that I didn’t use. So I postponed payment', he said.
Meanwhile a school official said parents were warned more than four times to pay theremaining premiums. "The school could not find a way to force them to pay. They preferred to keep them in the school without study, instead of sending them back to their home.”

Article No.52 of the executive regulation of the Federal Law No.28 for 1999 regarding institutions of the private education stipulates, “It is not allowed to dismiss a student from school because of delay in paying tuition fees, but the school is authorised to temporarily suspend him after warning his guardian three times.

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