UAE visitors spent Dh1.8bn in Britain

Nearly 211,000 people from the UAE visited the United Kingdom in 2010, pumping nearly Dh1.87 billion into the British economy, according to official data.

The figure is below the estimated 246,000 people who flew to the UK from the UAE in 2009 but spending remained higher as it stood at Dh1.85 billion in 2009, showed the figures by the British Tourist Authority.

More than 40 per cent of the UAE visitors to the UK last year went during the peak summer season between July and September, estimated at 90,000.

During that period, the UAE visitors spent 1.4 hotel nights in the UK and pumped around Dh748 million, the report showed.

A breakdown showed around 45,000 visitors went to the UK for tourism, spending nearly Dh332 million. Vacationing tourists were estimated at 62,000, spending about Dh652 million.

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