Employer acquitted of molestation charge

The Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance acquitted an Indian employer, who was accused of molesting his accountant due to lack of sufficient evidence.

The Indian accountant JJ said that on October 26, when she was in her office talking over the phone, her employee came over and misbehaved with her.

JJ testified, "All of a sudden, my employer, who is also the owner of the store, held my hand and asked for sexual favours in exchange of money."

The employer also asked her to remove headscarf and wear revealing clothes to work.

When she refused to comply he asked her to return to India. JJ told him that she doesn't want to return as she has accepted Islam recently, while her family belongs to a different faith.

The friend, MN, who was still on the phone, heard the entire conversation which took about 20 minutes. MN recorded parts of the conversation before the victim disconnected the call.

The employer and manager of the building material company, RK, 49, tried to take off the head scarf, while attempting to grope her.

"I tried to push him away but he held me tight and molested me. I screamed at the top of my voice so he left the office,” the victim told investigators.

She left the office and informed her brother's friend what had happened. The friend, MN, asked her to complain to the police as he recorded the conversation between her and her employer.

Even in the past the accused harassed the accountant with indecent proposal and holding her hands.

"I did not inform anybody as I did not want to lose my job. I also didn't want others to think wrongly about me, especially since I am unmarried,” said the victim.

She lodged a police complaint and supplied the audio recording as evidence.

The recording supported the victim's claim as she was asking the accused not to touch her and never to talk to her indecently.

After complaining, JJ, left the job.

In the court, the accused denied the accusation saying that the accountant's allegations were vindictive because he was about to terminate her.

He said that she was not sincere in her work and was not punctual.