Barari unveils luxury show home


Al Barari unveiled the show home of their flagship development neighbouring the wildlife sanctuary and the royal grounds, making it the first luxury villa to be launched in the prestigious Dubailand.

The show home was unveiled by Chief Operating Officer Mohammed bin Zaal, who was clearly moved at times during his brief remarks commemorating the milestone.

"When my father founded Al Barari, he did so with the premise that this ground we now stand on would one day become a home for his family," said Zaal. "My father's dream was to build a community based on love and social responsibility, not just a masterpiece of architecture and quality, but a haven of calm and harmony. Al Barari has never compromised on the principles of attention to detail, quality, commitment, and value creation.

"We did not just set the benchmark for other developers, we are the benchmark. It is simple our value creation is different, while others build to make money on every centimetre of land, rush it through, build it, sell it, collect money and exit, we are value creators and not money makers.

"The majority of developers are consultant led, we on the other hand carefully choose our consultants: then lead them and teach them, we know what we want. We are passionate about our work and it shows."

In the first phase of the Al Barari development, 300 villas will make up a residential paradise. More than 80 per cent of the land in phase one will be devoted to gardens and common areas, making Al Barari the least dense development in the region. In addition, 800 species of plants, hundreds of which have never been seen before in the UAE, will be used to create six botanical gardens.

"Our value creation philosophy is different from any other developer in the region because we are developing Al Barari for ourselves – to our standards," said Zaal. "Others may talk about sustainability, greenery, the environment, culture, and social values, but we are actually delivering it through billions of dirhams of investment. We have devoted Dh1.4bn toward our themed gardens, woodlands, waterways, streams, and water bodies and as part of the process we will be planting 4.6m trees, shrubbery, and ground cover. At a length of 14.6km, we're building the longest manmade waterway in the world."

Zaal underscored his family's desire that the development becomes "a true neighbourhood" – something he noted was not often the case in other developments.

He added: "We built Al Barari for ourselves, it is a love story of our family. Today we share the dream, the reality, and our love story with you. As my father once said: we are not developers but dream merchants"

The second phase of the Al Barari development will include a 120-suite hotel with 32 attached villas.