Priyanka patches up with Kareena, Gauri, Karan...

Priyanka Chopra has been waving the white flag a little too often nowadays and if she is not busy patchig up, she can be seen acquiring new friends, like Arpita Khan, who also happens to be Salman Khan's sister.

PC had landed herself in hot water after she had flaunted her closeness to the much-married Shah Rukh Khan. His wife and her cronies, which includes almost all the influential camps in Bollywood, had started shunning her. PC was given the royal cold shoulder wherever she went. Star wives no longer wanted their husbands to work with her. Husbands too were playing it safe and not signing any films with her.

All these developments almost destroyed PC's career when it could have zoomed after her excellent job in 'Fashion' was recognised by all.

PC obviously did a hard think and decided to trade the red flag for the pristine white one. here are three prime examples of how PC made up with her foes.


PC paid a surprise visit to Kareena Kapoor on the sets of 'Heroine' where she was busy shooting for Nadhur Bhandarkar’s film.

Issues between the two leading actresses came to the fore during an episode of 'Koffee With Karan' when Kareena made fun of PC’s accent. The situation took a turn for the worse when PC retaliated and said that she got her accent from where Bebo’s boyfriend Saif Ali Khan got his.

At another episode of KWK, PC had made a sarcastic remark, “I don’t think people take Kareena too seriously.” When Karan had questioned her on what what she would steal from the computers of fellow actors including Kareena, Priyanka joked, “Does Kareena have a computer in the first place?”

Now that the actresses have patched up yet again, they deny ever being at loggerheads. Till the next spat, enjoy your friendship!


Earlier, she made up with Karan Johar after he tweeted some "catty" things about her, which was read and absorbed by all and sundry and their neighbours. Then the ace director denied he felt any animosity towards her. Their relations were at an all-time low during Agneepath's pre-release promotions.

Karan Johar, who is a close buddy of Shah Rukh Khan, had not taken PC's closeness to SRK lightly.

Johar had even chosen not to invite her for his 40th birthday celebrations, till Farhan Akhtar allegedly played the mediator and ensured a last-minute invite for PC. The duo apparently has since then made up and all is fine and dandy in the Johar camp now.


Priyanka allegedly took the opportunity to mingle with the Khan wife No. 1 - Gauri Khan - who was attending Karan Johar's birthday bash with hubby Shah Rukh Khan.

Gauri Khan amd Priyanka Chopra had not seen eye to eye for a long time. It all started when the media reported that Shah Rukh Khan was getting too close to Priyanka Chopra for Gauri Khan's comfort. SRK allegedly even push PC's name to his producer and director friends, even at the cost of rejecting other better-selling actresses.

The co-stars got even closer to each other while shooting for Don 2. The wife, in this case, was not the last one to hear about this cozy relationship. Good friends such as Hrithik Roshan, Arujun Rampal and even Karan Johar kept her updated with Shah Rukh Khan's antics.

The wife versus good friend's cold war went to such an extent that Priyanka Chopra was virtually thrown out of every SRK friend's guest list.

Mediators were in action to ensure that Gauri's issues with Priyanka Chopra were resolved as quickly as possible. And now there are news reports that the duo have patched up.

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