Adnan Sami barred from flying to Dubai

An Indian court has turned down singer Adnan Sami’s request to travel to Dubai to perform in a concert.

According to Indian media reports, the Pakistani singer will now approach Mumbai High Court after a Session Court rejected his application.

Sami intended to fly to Dubai, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand to perform between June 8 and July 25.

A few requests by the singer to fly overseas were approved by the court earlier but turned down this time.

Public prosecutor told the court that Adnan Sami may not return to India and bringing him back would be quite difficult considering he is a Pakistani citizen. India and Pakistan have no extradition treaty.

The prosecutor also alleged that the singer travelled to Canada while he had permissions to go to Dubai only.

The singer argued that there was no likelihood of him absconding as his apartment had been confiscated.

The case has been filed against Sami by his estranged wife Sabah Galadari in the Mumbai High Court, media reports said.


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