This viral Saudi video is not going off the charts [video]

Youths across the Arab World have even posted videos parodying the dance on social media. (Screen grab)

If you live in the Arab World there's no way you haven't heard this song.

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This musical video by a Saudi group, 'Barbs', is a big thing among youths. Released in December 2015, the video and its dance move is the latest viral sensation coming out from the Kingdom.

To say the least, no one leaves the dance floor without 'Barbs' from the DJ console.

Though released last year, the foot tapping music and its easy locking-popping dance video is not going off the charts. Like the Arab World, the West has also taken fancy to the number.

Youths across the MidEast have even posted videos parodying the dance on social media.

'Barbs' or Barbsah means 'untidy' and 'messy' in Saudi Najdi dialect.

The video created by Majed Al Essi, is a mix of hip-hop and early 1980s-style break dancing melded with Arabic rhythms.

The routine is performed by a bunch of young Saudis.

The actual dance move starts almost halfway through the video when the youth in the red shoes, black suit says, "Put your foot like this" in Arabic (asking others to follow the dance move).

He then shuffles the other foot, tilts his back and wriggles sideways, bobbing his head like an ostrich to the song.

Watch the video below (if you haven't) and we can guarantee you will get hooked on to it.

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