Adulterer to be deported despite plea to stay

A court in Abu Dhabi decided to jail and deport a Pakistani woman convicted of committing adultery despite her repeated pleas not to send her back home, fearing her relatives could kill her, press reports said on Wednesday.

The court also sentenced her husband to two years in jail and ordered his deportation for murdering his cousin after catching him in bed with his wife.

The court gave a reduced sentence to the killer after the victim’s relatives pardoned him and decided to drop the case.

The semi official daily Alittihad said both defendants would be freed shortly as they have already served their two-year jail sentence.

“When the woman heart the sentence, she burst into crying in court as she had appealed for the judge not to deport her on the grounds she could be killed by her relatives for committing adultery,” the paper said.

The defence lawyer said the reduced verdict followed reconciliation between the relatives of the victim and the killer at home.

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