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Dh12.3m paid to help 445 individuals in UAE

The total expenditure of the Zakat Fund (ZF) to eligible divorced Emirati women during the first six months of 2016 reached Dh12.33 million through its Cohesion project which falls under the expenditures for the poor and needy.

Abdullah bin Aqeeda Al Muhairi, Secretary-General of the Zakat Fund and Chairman of the Exchange Committee, said that this aid comes in line with the directives of the UAE's wise leadership to achieve the concept of social responsibility and within the framework of its Cohesion project to help women and their children to achieve the requirements of a decent life.

He added that beneficiaries can submit their request via the official website of the Zakat Fund, where cases are reviewed by a research committee to approve the amounts that women are entitled to according to their needs. The Zakat Fund also can pay additional aid in case of school fees or emergencies.