Two women stole Dh336,000 from employer

Two Filipinas allegedly took for themselves Dh336,000 in bribes and cash they stole from their employer, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

RLR, 33, general accountant and VPJ, 44, sales representative, who worked for the European Marine Foodstuff company were accused of asking and taking a total of Dh181,670 in commissions from the company’s dealer.

The two women were also accused of stealing Dh155,000 of the company’s money against forged selling invoices and receipts.

Muntaser Mohammed, 48, Tanzanian, trader testified that one of his employees in the company informed him about RLR who approached her and offered her to cooperate with her in taking commissions from the company’s dealers.

“Confronting RLR with that, she admitted to taking commissions with VPJ in taking commissions and taking the company’s money against forged documents,” he testified.

Leen Ramos, 38, Filipina testified that RLR, approached and asked her to cooperate with her in taking commissions from clients. “She told me that she used to do that with VPJ while the later was working in the company,” she testified.

Mohammed supplied the prosecution with an auditing report, which proved the embezzlement of amounts by the two accused.

The court was also supplied with forged receipts.

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