UAE's zero tolerance for sharing photos

Sharing such content reflects negatively on spirit of the country’s values. (Supplied)

The UAE’s Ministry of Interior Ministry warned public against sharing photographs and videos of the accidents on social networking sites and app in order to preserve dignity and feelings of the deceased and their loved ones.

The ministry said in a statement that it was against the law and reflected negatively on the positive spirit of the country’s strong values.

“Sharing of accident photos is an unacceptable behaviour, which disturbs families of the decreased and the injured. This is also not compatible with the UAE’s customs and traditions, which have been derived from the tolerant Islamic concept. There is zero tolerance for those who are engaged in such behavior,” the ministry said in a statement.

A number of people have shared pictures of an accident through social media when an epileptic driver crashed into a restaurant in Ajman, killing a 45-year-old Asian woman and a 9-year-old Arab child.

Major Fawaz Ali Abdullah, Director of Security Media Department at the Ministry of Interior, said publishing and circulating these images hurt the feelings of the victims and caused deep pain and grief to their families. As a result of this irresponsible behaviour, publishing and sharing such photos is not justified for they harm others.

He denounced that some people filmed the incident and then shared it through social networking sites out of curiosity. The authorities repeatedly issued warnings and released awareness campaigns about the negative affects of this practice which violated sanctity of others as it brings pain and sorrow to the people for losing their beloved ones.

He stressed that police will be transparent and make reports about accidents public after completing necessary investigation within the framework of the Ministry of Interior.

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