Why it's unwise to threaten a taxi driver

Dubai Court of First Instance sentenced a Chinese carpenter to six months jail for threatening to kill a Pakistani taxi driver when he did not have money to pay taxi fare.

According to a 'Gulf News' report, 46-year-old carpenter pleaded guilty to using a knife and threatening to kill 25-year-old driver after the latter insisted that he pay the Dh50 fare.

The driver testified that the incident happened at around 2am on Bani Yas Road. He said that the defendant hired his cab to International City. However, on reaching the China cluster, the carpenter lost directions to his house. "When the metre read Dh50, he asked me to drop him off. He did not have enough money...said he would get money from his house."

The driver alleged that he asked for instant payment up on which the defendant pulled out a knife and threatened him.

The verdict can be appealled within 15 days.


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