Jobless man goes on Dh110,000 shopping spree

A jobless man has been accused of making nearly Dh110,000 worth of purchases using 15 forged credit cards.

Prosecutors said the 42-year-old Pakistani man misused two genuine labour cards (issued in the names of other individuals) and impersonated them when he made the purchases using the forged credit cards for his illegal shopping spree, Gulf News reported.
Jail guards failed to bring 42-year-old T.B. from his detention cell to be produced before the Dubai Court of First Instance where he was scheduled to be prosecuted on Wednesday.
Presiding Judge Fahmi Mounir Fahmi adjourned the case until May 4 when the suspect is set to be presented in court.
Prosecutors accused T.B. of using the labour cards of two individuals, M.K. and Z.A., to make the illegal purchases. T.B. was charged with forging the credit cards in the names of M.K. and Z.A.
Prosecution records showed that T.B. carried out his alleged crime in cooperation with another suspect who remains at large.
An Iranian merchant, who runs a jewellery store, testified that T.B. purchased six bracelets worth Dh11,000 and a gold chain worth Dh4,700 from him.
“He handed me a master card to pay for his purchases. The card defaulted when I swiped it on the machine. Then he presented me a second card… the two cards bore Z.A.’s name and he presented me a labour card to prove his identification. However, I didn’t check the picture properly. Although the machine showed that the sum had been deducted from the credit card, but I suspected him.”
The suspect was quoted as confessing in his prosecution statement that his accomplice had asked him to use the forged credit cards in return for 25 per cent of the purchases’ total value.
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