Man who chatted online about rape, murder and eating children faces 27-year jail term

A Massachusetts man who authorities say chatted online with other men about their mutual desire to kidnap, rape, kill and eat children is facing a long prison sentence.

Prosecutors plan to ask for a 27-year prison term for Geoffrey Portway of Worcester when he is sentenced Tuesday in federal court in Worcester.

Authorities say they found a dungeon, homemade coffin, butchering kit and other tools in the basement of Portway's home.

In a sentencing memo, prosecutors say the 40-year-old Portway solicited people for help to kidnap a child with the intent of raping, killing and eating the child.

Portway's lawyer says the chats were only fantasies.

He plans to ask for a sentence of about 18 years, at the low end of the range in a plea agreement with prosecutors.

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