UAE participates in pan-Arab forum

The UAE is participating in the 25th session of the committee on special pan-Arab organisations at the Economic and Social Council of the Arab League.

Faisal Al Meshal, Director of Economic Agreements at the Ministry of Economy, and Saeed Al Suwaidi, Director of Customer Happiness at the General Civil Aviation Authority are representing the UAE at the meetings.

Mohammed Khair Abdulqader, Director of Arab Organisations and Associations at the Arab League, said the agenda of the five-day session includes plans, budgets, closing accounts and performance reports of Arab specialised organisations for 2017-2018.

Other items include proposed amendments to agreements governing these organisations, their organisational structures and self-development processes, he noted.

Any recommendations that the participants may come up with in the current session will be submitted to the next meeting of the Economic and Social Council, to be held in early September.