Top Ramadan fare from Dubai TV

Yusra plays a forensic anthropologist in Bel Shama’a El Ahmar (SUPPLIED)

Dubai TV, a premium channel from Dubai Media Incorporated channels, has announced its line-up of shows for the month of Ramadan.

At one of the busiest times of the year for regional television, Dubai TV’s programming schedule features a variety of Arab, Gulf and local dramas, comedies and Bedouin series, as well as food and cooking series, shows with religious themes and other programmes.

Highlights of this year’s Ramadan programing are as follows:

Abwab Al-Ghaim (Doors of Cloud)
A drama series adapted from the poems of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, it stars Ghassan Masoud, Solafa Mi’mar, Qusai Kholi, Abdul Mohsen Al Nemer, Mahmoud Saeed, Nadeen Nojaim, Jameel Awwad, Faris Al Hilo, Jolieut Awwad, Nadra Omran, Hiba Nour, Najah Safkoni. and others. Written by Adnan Al Ouda, directed by Hatem Ali.

"Abwab Al-Ghaim" follows the lives of people living on the Arabian peninsula when the region was under the influence of various foreign forces, such as the Ottoman Turks and the British. The show attempts to explore how people’s lives and destinies were shaped by these occupations, based on specific historical references.

Perhaps the most important factor that shaped the personalities of the age was dealing with the tremendous hardships of life under a foreign power.

The show spotlights the everyday human goals these people aspired to, particularly a decent, free life, and looks at the age through a complex network of human relationships.

Love, jealousy, selfishness, generosity, and sacrifice feature prominently in this epic, interwoven saga of personalities and stories.

The Bedouin’s habits, his social traditions, his relationship with his land and his horses are a central theme of the show, with, as part of an attempt to shine a light on the mystique of the nomad – thus far a rather marginalised character in literature and art.

History has standardised and dumbed down the Bedouin, the series attempts to revitalise and restore the nomad to his rightful place in history, with a particular emphasis on the deep, humanitarian traditions of the people.
Bel Shama’a El Ahmar (With Red Wax)

With a story by Mariam Naoum, Nadin Shams, Najla Al Hudaini and Mohammed Farid, this show, directed by Sameer Saif, stars Yosra, Mohammed Imam, Hisham Abdul Hameed and others.

This crime drama series is in the tradition of several forensic anthropology shows.

It centres around forensic anthropologist Dr Fatima Shaheen and how she must rely on her intuitive intelligence and experience to detect the many causes of death and thus help identify murderers.

We watch as murder victims are brought into Dr Fatima’s department and how she sets about solving each case and tracking down the criminals – occasionally even on cases concerning living people, such as attempted suicide and rape.

Keset Hob (A Story of Love)

Stars Jamal Sulaiman, Basma, Intisar, Muna Hala, Hajjaj Abdul Azeem, Khalid Sarhan, Sami Maghawri, Caroline, Hanan Sulaiman, directed by Iman Haddad.

The series beings with Yasin Al Hamzawi being appointed as the schoolmaster of a public secondary school.

And while he is confronted with corrupt teachers and troublesome students at work, at home he must battle to preserve his relationships with his family following his decision to marry.

The series follows his relationship with the woman – who wears a niqab, but communicates with him by email, and we watch love blossom through a sharing of problems and tribulations.

Everyone around him censures his love and attacks Yasin’s choices. But can love withstand this continued onslaught? Directed by Dr Madhat Al Adel.

Emra’a Fe Warta (Woman’s Dilemma)

This 15-episode series scripted by Ayman Salama and directed by Omar Abdul Azeez stars Elham Shaheen, Mahmoud Qabeel, Raja Al Jiddawi, Tawfiq Abdul Hameed, Karim Abdul Azeez and Abeer Sabri.

Circumstances force one widow to keep her marriage to a famous businessman secret. But she is desperate to keep things quiet so as not to lose her status in society, nor to jeopardise her son’s life.

Along the way, our heroine must battle her dead first husband’s family, particularly his brother, a meddlesome character who, on the pretext of keeping with family tradition, is constantly interfering in how she lives her life and how she raises her son.

Na’am Mazelt Onsa (Yes, I’m still a spinster)

Elham Shaheen also stars in this series, directed by Omar Abdul Azeez and written by Azzah Izzat. It also stars Samah Anwar, Samira Abdul Azeez, Osama Abbas, Nadia Rashad, Sheren Aadel, Ahmad Rizq.

A social series discussing the problem of spinsterhood in all its aspects, the show follows one girl who continues to remain single well past marriageable age.

She writes emotional diaries that describe her state of mind, and how society views spinsters, and why remaining unmarried is an undesirable condition for women but not for men.

Over the course of the show, she attempts to change people’s attitudes to unmarried women and why society makes them feel undesirable and unwelcome.  

Asaad Al Warraq (social drama)

Based on the novel, “Allah and Poverty”, by the great novelist Sodqi Ismaeel, it has been adapted for the small screen by Hozan Akko, and directed by Rasha Shorbatji. Also stars Asaad Fidha, Taim Hasan, Amal Arafa, Firas Ibrahim and others.

Asaad Al Warraq shows is a young orphan who works as a market porter. He spends his day between the grain agency and the mill, using a cart that he himself pulls by his hand.

He lives alone in the ruined house he inherited from his parents, along with a legacy of misery and suffering. 

This dramatic life is set against the rich, vibrant backdrop of life in the 1920s, making for a meaningful drama series full of interesting characters that bring the era to life.

Behind the Sun (social drama)

This TV series, written by Mohammed Alaas and Sameer Hasan, addresses an entirely new issue in an innovative format. It stars Bassam Kosa, Siba Mubarak, Basel Khayat, Muna Wasif, Nadin Khori, Thana Dibsi, Saleem Sabri, Alauldeen Alzeebaq and others.

The show addresses a moral, religious, legal and practical question: Can parents who discover, at an early stage of pregnancy that the fetus will be born disabled as a result of a genetic defect, abort the pregnancy to avoid a tragic loaded with difficult social and educational burdens? It examines the lives of people who are destined to be born mentally disabled, who spend their lives marked out as disabled, marginalised by society.

The show approaches the issue through dramatic storylines and strong characters, each with a different position, attitude and objective.

Coloured Yarns (Khaleeji social drama)

Abdulazeez Aljasem, Hiba Aldorri, Zahra Arafat and Asmahan Tawfiq star in this story by Abdelazeez Alhashash, which has been directed by Muneer Alzoubi.

Life is a weave of differently coloured yarns, according to the team behind this show.

They posit that each one of us has our own ‘colour’, or attributes, traits, ideas, attitudes, viewpoints and vision for life.

These threads then interweave to form a complex set of events, stories and tales.

This story begins with a car chase: a masked man being furiously pursued by another car.

Our protagonist enters a furjan or village and stops in front of a house belonging to one Umm Abdullah. He throws a small cardboard box over the wall… what is in it? Why did he throw it over this wall? What is the story of the box? And will Abdullah marry Raja?

These and other questions will be answered as we go along, as Coloured Yarns discusses complex social matters in an interesting dramatic format with elements of black comedy. 

Ghashamsham 5

Naser Alazzaz's popular story returns, starring Fahad Alhayan, Haya Alshoaibi and other Arab Khaleeji comedians. Directed by Ma’moun Albonni .

Previous seasons of Ghashamsham saw Rashid Huairees diligently looking for job to improve his income. He put himself in strange situations to achieve his goal but he always failed.

Even when he managed to get millions, he could not manage them properly and they evaporate before his eyes, forcing him to return home to his village.

Rasheed is back again again, with funnier situations than ever that revolve around the him and his wife Shaikha in this open-ended series.

Ajeeb Ghareeb 2 (comedy)

Screenplay by Jamal Salem, directed by Abdullateef Algargawi, starring Ahmad Aljesmi, Merie Alhalyan, Razeeqa Tarish, Malak Alkhaledi, Amal Mohammed, Saeed Betja, Mousa Albughaish, Sougha and Jumaa Ali.

The sitcom Ajeeb Ghareeb follows one family in a series of new episodes. Parents, children, grandmother, the story addresses the issues and problems of modern life within the context of work environment.

The father is a retiree who traded in the share market; he lost his house and farm due to the global financial crisis, which has forced him to move into a small apartment where he must battle many different situations.

His children face their own problems through their schooling. As does their grandmother, whose commitment to tradition finds her at odds with contemporary life.

It is tastier with Osama (cooking show)

With the advent of the holy month of Ramadan, Chef Osama prepares to provide new and unique dishes that are particularly suited to this time.

The show has a large following among viewers who are keen to follow what’s being aired on DMI’s Dubai TV.


An educational programme that spotlights important moments in the lives of 30 personalities who contributed to the rise of Dubai and making this emirate what it is.

Emirati researcher and writer Jamal bin Howairib talks about these personalities and their impact on our lives.

It is narrated by Arrawi and edited by Khitam Beetar.