Gulf pharma registration committee discusses new registration

The Gulf Central Pharmaceutical Registration Committee held its 53rd meeting to discuss the registration of new pharmaceutical products, re-registration of other items or new companies for the first time.

The meeting was held in the attendance of Nasser Khelifa Al Budoor, Assistant Undersecretary and member of the executive board of the GCC ministers of health, Dr. Mohammed Al Haydery, Acting Director General of the Executive Board and head of the Central Pharmaceutical Registration Department in the GCC ministers of health council as well representatives of the council.

Nasser Khelifa Al Budoor, Assistant Undersecretary for External Relations in the Ministry of Health and member of the executive board of the GCC ministers of health council, reassured the necessity of providing safe and high quality drugs with fewer prices to be available to all patients.

Al Budoor said: "The ministers of health council gives great concern to the central pharmaceutical registration system which would lead to the unification of the GCC's efforts, procedures ad systems and common interests between the gulf member states. such efforts will ensure the availability of drugs and pharmaceutical drugs or items for the residents of the region easily and smoothly".

He also emphasised that the quality and safety of drugs beginning from its manufacturing process to marketing, enable the Gulf health sectors to help the community members use the best quality of medicines. Thus the supervision role of the competent authorities in the ministries of health ensures the availability of safe drugs in the market with fewer costs.

Al Budoor added that the benefits of drugs unified registration systems would facilitate the application of the unified customs system through the exit points in the GCC countries. The early warning system ensures the withdrawal of any drug across the ports of the member state countries and the creation of a unified Gulf database that would serve the health sector in the region.

He remarked that the unified pharmaceutical drug system would also reduce the financial cost of the pharmaceutical registration analysis.

"Our cooperation with the World Health Organization and FDA as well as the Saudi Food and Nutrition General Authority aims for implementing developed pharmaceutical practices and activating the program visits to the pharmaceutical factories. Such cooperation also targets the development of drugs manufacturing systems. The GCC ministers of health agreed in their last meeting in Geneva to stipulate unified gulf drugs price lists", he added.

Furthermore, Dr. Mohammed Al Haydery, Head of Pharmaceutical Registration Department emphasized that the committee discussed all matters related to the registration of new drugs, new pharmaceutical companies and re-registration of products. The committee is very keen to centralize the drugs registration procedures to achieve health quality and safety of drugs in the region.

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