Stories of Iran and its women, as told by one

A contemporary perspective on Iran and its women is on display at the Showcase Art Gallery on Dubai's Jumeirah Beach Road.

With her latest show, Iran Today, artist Elham Moaidnia serves up what she defines as post-expressionist fare. "My show is a poignant story about the predicaments of the modern woman within my culture and society and how their strength prevails against adversity."

Expect, then, one woman's interpretation of a country in turmoil, with each work seeking to tell a story. "I want to convey a message rather than merely creating paintings. The concept I have in mind is to create a cultural shake-up," she told Emirates Business. "I am a non-conformist and mould breaker – someone who wants and needs to depict and speak about those things that are forbidden to be discussed. I am determined to create absolute freedom for all."

Moaidnia works in a mixture of water colours, oils, gouache and old paper from books and newspapers. She was born in Isfahan, whose motifs inspired her initially – before she began her journey into expressionism – and after that she had a brief brush with works inspired by Marc Chagall.